Shadow has arrived and is the sweetest puppy ever.  She is a 12 week old Labrador-German Shepard cross. The first thing my children, who are friends with Jack and his sister, told me was that the puppy peed in the house twice.  This is the start of a broken record that repeats: puppies need constant supervision



 A few days before the arrival of their little bundle of joy and destruction I was talking to Jack’s Dad about pet supplies and offering to lend them some of what we have stockpiled over the years. I mentioned a crate and this seemed like a completely new idea to him. The crate, which should be considered the puppy’s safe and cozy den, is essential to protect the house until house training is complete. After this it is essential to keep the puppy safe. Puppies get into everything and everything is not always safe. I explained to Jack’s Dad that at this age, if you cannot supervise the puppy it needs to be confined. He thought about it and thankfully decided I was making a good point And a crate was waiting for Shadow.


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