• Sep 09 2014

    How to give a cat a pill. By Dr. Linda Deciding to go on vacation starts with me arranging cat care, dog care, horse care and house care. One of…

  • Oct 17 2013

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    There was nothing wrong with this sick dog.

        Keya is a long term patient of the North Waterloo Vet Hospital. We have been taking care of her for most of her 15 years. This summer, she was…

  • Jul 23 2013

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    Clients of the Week: The Andersens

    The Andersens do as we say. They brush their dogs’ teeth and, from this series of photos, it looks like their dogs look forward to and enjoy this activity. Congratulations to…

  • Jul 09 2013

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    When a Dog’s World Ends-Thunderstorms & Fireworks

    This is the time of year thunderstorms and fireworks can make some pets’ lives a living nightmare. Fears and phobias intensify over time. When dogs are young and their reaction…

  • Jul 02 2013

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    Summer Teeth

      Meet Zoe, another one of North Waterloo Vet Hospital’s super cute patients. When I was checking her mouth, during her annual wellness visit,  her owner told me she had…

  • Jun 28 2013

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    Head Cones are so last year.

      This is Beans recovering from surgery. He needed something to protect the surgery site (protect it from his tongue) so his pet parent got him a Medi-shirt. The Pet…

  • Jun 25 2013

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    Zeus, a true Canadian dog.

      North Waterloo Veterinary Hospital would like to introduce you to one of our very special patients. Meet Zeus. He likes to watch Hockey Night in Canada. His favourite part…

  • Jun 23 2013

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    A sad week at the clinic

    This is a sad story but I hope it makes pets’ lives safer. On Monday morning I spayed a very sweet puppy named Fluffy. The surgery was routine and Fluffy recovered…

  • May 21 2013

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    Jack’s New Dog Bites

    Shadow is settling in well and Jack’s family seems to be adapting to life with a puppy. The current issue is biting.  Shadow was taught how to play by her dog…

  • May 15 2013

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    Patient of the Week: Meet Nicky-Toothless and Happy

    Meet Nicky. He could tell you a thing or two about pain.  Nicky has a bad back. In 2011 he was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease (a slipped disc).  He…