• May 08 2013

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    Meet Jack’s Dog

    Shadow has arrived and is the sweetest puppy ever.  She is a 12 week old Labrador-German Shepard cross. The first thing my children, who are friends with Jack and his…

  • May 06 2013

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    Jack’s New Dog: Preparing for the New Baby

      Today is the day before the little arrival.  The crate is assembled.  Puppy toys are ready and Jack’s little sister’s toys are put away.  I once read a very…

  • May 01 2013

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    Name the Lesion

    We posted this photo on our Facebook page and asked our friends to guess what it is.  We had one correct entry. This is an engorged tick on a dog….

  • Apr 24 2013

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    Jack’s Dog: The beginning.

    I thought it might be fun to blog about something not so veterinary.  Time will tell how fun it is but as I start such a blog I thought it…

  • Apr 09 2013

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    People, Pets and Parasites

    An article by Dr. Hirzer We share many things with our pets from our yards, homes, beds and sometimes even snacks. I have seen my friend share an ice cream…

  • Dec 20 2012

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    Pay It Forward

    This year the staff at the North Waterloo Veterinary Hospital supported the Woolwich Community Goodwill Program, either by monetary donations, foodbank donations, or helping to wrap Christmas presents at the…