When a Dog’s World Ends-Thunderstorms & Fireworks

This is the time of year thunderstorms and fireworks can make some pets’ lives a living nightmare. Fears and phobias intensify over time. When dogs are young and their reaction to frightening things is mild the problem is easily overlooked or, at least, easy to live with. But when the fear intensifies and their reaction becomes destructive or dangerous, suddenly the pet parent is faced with a problem.

scared dog


The following articles will help you monitor and support your pet if they are developing a fear of thunderstorms and/or fireworks or are already terrified by these events.

This is a general article about fears and phobias:


This article is more specific to storm and fireworks phobias:


And this last article discusses treatment of these fears:


Please contact us if you think your pet is developing or is suffering from loud noise phobia.

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