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Drop by the hospital to see Dr. Linda’s tick collection. She estimates that over the past 2 decades she encountered ticks on pets about a dozen times. Then, last summer alone she matched this, collecting over a dozen ticks from patients. Ticks are in the news as their populations seem to be growing and spreading.

Ticks are mysterious little creatures. They are lurking on the ground and vegetation waiting for their next meal to come along. The meal they are waiting for could be you or your pet. The following links provide current and accurate information about ticks and our pets.

This website provides a general overview of ticks and pets.


See live action video of various tick species.


The following link provides instructions on how to remove ticks.


A video of how to remove a tick.


Prepare yourself and your furry family for this season’s tick attack.

When you think of ticks think T I C K=TEST+INSPECT+CLAW+KILL


Test your pet for exposure to diseases that are spread by ticks. These include Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichia. With a few drops of blood we can test your pet for antibodies to these diseases. The presence of antibodies indicates your pet has been bitten by a tick and has been infected by one of the above diseases. Pets that test positive can then be further assessed for evidence of ongoing infection and can be treated. Many pets with antibodies will have eliminated the infection but the fact that they were exposed is important information for their human companions. Evidence that your pet has been bitten by a tick means you were and may continue to be at risk.


Tick season begins as early as March so we are well into tick season now. Inspect your pet for ticks after outdoor activity.


Check out this video on how to remove a tick from your pet. We have a supply of Claws to help you with the process. Drop by the clinic for your free tick removing claw.



The apparent increase of ticks in our area has resulted in the licensing of several new products that can help control ticks on your pets. Nexgard and Bravecto are chewable treats that will kill ticks on your pet for 1 to several months. Revolution is applied topically and will prevent heartworm, ticks and fleas. Call or visit us and we will customize a parasite control program for the individual needs of your pet(s).

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