A Vet’s Pet Battles Cancer with Chocolate

By December 23, 2017 All Posts

We were back at the Cancer Center for D.J.’s third chemo treatment. It was 2 days after they saw him for an infected cancerous lymph node. The antibiotics and steroids had worked immediately. He looked much more comfortable that evening and assumed his happy sleeping position.

We were warned that today’s visit may be for surgery if his infected node was not responding to the antibiotics. It was smaller and less painful. He was better so the decision was made to go ahead with his 4th treatment. This is the strongest of the chemo agents, doxorubicin and has the most potential side effects.

All went well. I helped him into the car and then decided to go back inside to use the washroom. On returning to the car 3 minutes later I found DJ enjoying a $30 box of Purdy’s chocolates. Nuts and Caramels. Chemo hasn’t affected his appetite so far

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