A Vet’s Pet’s Cancer and the Toy Defence Squad

D.J.’s cancer results in the formation of The Toy Defence Squad

The first round of chemo had made D.J. feel much better than he had in weeks. He was interested in toys again. I am unsure if this is due to him feeling better or the fact that there are toys at our house again. We have had dog toys only briefly since Blue the Lab joined our family about a year and a half ago. Blue can destroy any toy in seconds. D.J.’s plush Tuff Turkey, that he had carried and slept with for over 2 years did not survive the arrival of Blue. We have tried many “guaranteed” tough toys all of which have lasted, at most, minutes. Our house has not had plush toys, the kind D.J. likes, for many months.

D.J. and Blue are very good dogs so at Christmas, Santa brought them some new toys. Blue got the super tough, designed for aggressive chewers, guaranteed to last, will replace if wrecked ones and D.J. got a Hide-a-Squirrel, a plush hollow tree trunk that holds 3 squirrels. There are several holes in the tree through which a pet can retrieve the squirrels. It was love at first sight for D.J. He carries it everywhere with him and loves to squeak the squirrels.

Blue’s toys are long gone so he now has his eye on the Hide-A-Squirrel. D.J. is sick and loves his Hide-A-Squirrel so we have decided that it is his and his alone. This has resulted in the formation of the Toy Defence Tactical Squad (more precisely the Hide-A-Squirrel Defence Squad) in our home. Always on alert, the team springs into action to save D.J.’s coveted toy from Blue the Destroyer. At meals, while doing homework or watching T.V. the usual silence or conversation is frequently interrupted by someone yelling “Blue has the toy” and we all leap into action to rescue the Hide-A-Squirrel. In the early days we were not perfect. We are down 1 squirrel and the other 2 have wounds. The tree trunk has more holes than it came with but D.J. can still carry it and sleep with it. Some great news came when I discovered our clinic supplier carried this toy and a new one is on order. The holidays depleted their supply so it is back ordered but expected soon. Until then The Defence Squad continues to be ever alert for any potential threats to the Hide-A-Squirrel.

D.J. is now half way through his second round of chemo and the treatment is not working as well as we all hoped it would. His lymph nodes are getting larger and he is starting to have trouble breathing. He still enjoys his food and his Hide-A-Squirrel but is a little slow on walks. His treatment last week was done at home but this week we see Dr. Richardson again and will have a better idea of how things are going.

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