A Vet’s Pet-The Hope and Doubt Ends

A Vet’s Pet Battles Cancer
The Hope and Doubt Ends

A little over 2 weeks ago D.J. pulled me into the Oncology Center to see Dr. Richardson and everyone there commented on how great he looked compared to his earlier visits. Two weeks later he could barely walk to his appointment from the parking lot. He was doing well, then developed a cough, then faster breathing, his hind legs became weak, he stopped eating.
At his last visit to the clinic we decided to stop chemotherapy because his lymphoma was not responding to the treatments. They thought his cough, rapid breathing and fever was due to pneumonia but chest X-rays and blood work did not agree. No one new why his hind end was so weak. We decided to try a treatment that would hopefully keep the lymphoma from progressing and maybe the other symptoms would improve.

His health declined significantly over the next 3 days. The new medication could take 3 to 4 days to work so we waited. He continued to have a fever so I treated him with multiple antibiotics and waited for them to take effect. I added pain medication and waited for this to help. We waited and hoped. There was no sign of improvement.

There came a moment while waiting, and it was very sudden, when all hope was lost and there was no longer any doubt that D.J. was dying. I was able to make the decision to euthanize D.J. I said good bye this morning


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