An update from our practice on COVID-19

A Reminder for our Clients

The hospital is open during the current lockdown. Our interior layout and exam rooms are too small to allow safe social distancing so only our patients, your pets, are allowed inside the hospital. When you arrive for an appointment or to pick up supplies please remain in your vehicle and call us. We will bring your order to your car or you can pick it up on the cart outside our main entrance. We can process credit card payments over the phone or we can bring our debit terminal outside. For appointments we will speak to you about your concerns over the phone and will then come outside to escort your pet into the hospital. We will then complete the visit over the phone or at a safe distance outside the clinic. We have an exam room with a window and weather permitting clients can view the exam through the screen. Dress appropriately if you would like to view at the window.

Some New News

We expect to be working this way for sometime so we are in the process of building a shelter outside the secondary entrance to the hospital. This will provide a slightly better experience for our clients who want to view the exam through the window and for our staff who are spending much of their working day outside.

For the second wave of the pandemic we have once again divided into teams. Our staff is small and over the course of any week we all cross paths. It is impossible for the veterinarians and assistants to stay a safe distance apart when treating a patient. Our concern is that if one person gets sick or is exposed we would all need to isolate leaving no one to work. We have split into 2 teams. Each team will work for 1 week and then stay home for 1 week. The teams will not have in person contact with each other. We hope this will allow one team to work if the other needs to isolate.

The decision to split into teams was that of the employees and not the employer. The staff of North Waterloo Veterinary Hospital are truly passionate about what they do and have offered to reduce their hours, and work with less help to ensure we stay open. Dr. Linda says a huge THANK YOU to them.

For Our New Clients

So many clients have joined the practice during the pandemic and have not been able to step inside the hospital. We have posted a quick hospital tour on You Tube.

A personal note from Dr. Linda

A few evenings ago, at home after a long day at work, I thought about a client I had seen that day. It was their first visit to the clinic with their new puppy. They found us on line or through friends, met us over the phone, handed us their new baby and watched as we entered the clinic. I thought about the trust strangers have in what we do and I sometimes find this quite overwhelming.

To all of our new and long time clients we say thank you. Thank you for entrusting us with the health care of your furry family. Thank you for your cooperation and patience with our new way of working. Thank you

Pet Health Checker

Use Pet Health Checker to help you decide if your pet’s symptoms require immediate attention or if you should continue to monitor those symptoms at home.

Pet Health Checker

Food & Prescriptions

If you need food or prescriptions please email or call in your order. We will contact you once your order is ready, make payment arrangements and bring the food out to your vehicle.

Client Education

Worried about COVID-19 and your pets? Stay up to date on all current facts and figures about what this means for us and our furry family members.

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