Spay and Neuter for Cats

We recommend that all pets be neutered. This article, provided by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, explains the importance of spaying or neutering your young cat.

Because we encourage all cat guardians to have their pet spayed or castrated we have created a special fee structure for these surgeries. To ensure the health and well being of all pets undergoing surgery we have chosen to include some treatments that make anaesthetic safer and allow your pet a better recovery. We strongly feel that spaying and neutering your pet results in a healthier, longer life.

To protect your pet, to keep our hospital flea free and to ensure your pet leaves our hospital flea free, we administer flea medication upon arrival.


 We choose to include intravenous catheterization and fluid administration for all dogs undergoing an orchidectomy (neuter surgery) or an ovariohysterectomy (spay surgery).This maintains your dog’s blood pressure during the anaesthetic and provides venous access in case of an emergency.

We want to make sure your pet is kept comfortable after surgery.

Our surgical cutting laser makes surgery less painful for pets.

Pain medication before and after surgery is included in the fee.