Surgical Services

Surgeries are performed Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the North Waterloo Veterinary Hospital.

Our veterinarians are trained and experienced in a variety of surgical procedures.

If more extensive procedures are required, we have access to a wide variety of specialized veterinary surgeons through either on-site or referral services or through the Ontario Veterinary College.

In most cases, a blood test prior to surgery is advised. This blood test will help alert the surgeon to any health concerns prior to the pet’s surgery.

Pre-Surgery Preparations

Follow these steps to prepare for your pet’s surgery. This information is provided to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being.

  • No food after 10:00 PM the day before surgery
  • Water is permitted
  • Drop off your pet between 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM the day of surgery
  • You may call after 12:00 PM to obtain the status of your pet

Post Surgical Care

Both the staff and doctor will check your pet routinely during the hospital stay. Before you take your pet home, the doctor will meet with you to provide you with post-surgical homecare information and explain the use of any follow-up medications.