Gold-Standard Surgery

Higher standards of surgical care.


Surgical Services

Surgeries are performed Tuesdays and Thursdays at the North Waterloo Veterinary Hospital. Our veterinarians are trained and experienced in a variety of surgical procedures. If more extensive procedures are required, we have access to a wide variety of specialized veterinary surgeons through either on-site or referral services.
Pre-Surgery Prep
Post Surgical Care
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Every patient is unique and requires a individual anaesthesia plan. All patients have an IV catheter placed and receive IV fluids. A registered veterinary technician monitors heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure and stays with the patient until they have fully recovered from the anaesthetic.
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Spay and Neuter

Most patients undergoing a spay or neuter surgery are young but their surgery day still begins with a complete physical exam and pre-surgical blood work is offered as an option. These are day surgeries and patients are discharged when they have recovered. At discharge, a Technician or Veterinarian meets with the pet parent to review the home care instructions and a written copy of the instructions is provided. All patients go home with pain medication. All patients are also discharged wearing a Pet Medi-shirt which is worn to protect the incision during healing.
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Laser surgery

We use a surgical cutting laser when appropriate. This reduces bleeding and is thought to reduce pain after surgery.
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