• Jan 22 2018

    A Vet’s Pet-The Hope and Doubt Ends

    A Vet’s Pet Battles Cancer The Hope and Doubt Ends A little over 2 weeks ago D.J. pulled me into the Oncology Center to see Dr. Richardson and everyone there…

  • Jan 20 2018

    A Vet’s Pet’s Cancer and the Toy Defence Squad

    D.J.’s cancer results in the formation of The Toy Defence Squad The first round of chemo had made D.J. feel much better than he had in weeks. He was interested…

  • Jan 10 2018

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    Saying goodbye to our friend Molly

    As Thornton Wilder once said, “The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude.” We want to take this time to share our gratitude to our beloved Molly,…

  • Dec 29 2017

    The Seven Days of Christmas after Chemo

    Last Thursday D.J. underwent his 4th round of chemo. All the chemotherapy medications he has and will receive have potential side effects which include loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea….

  • Dec 23 2017

    A Vet’s Pet Battles Cancer with Chocolate

    We were back at the Cancer Center for D.J.’s third chemo treatment. It was 2 days after they saw him for an infected cancerous lymph node. The antibiotics and steroids…

  • Dec 22 2017

    Good half days and bad half days; A vet’s pet battles cancer

    D.J. went back to the oncology center last week for his third treatment. I was able to give him his second treatment at home so Dr. Richardson had not seen…

  • Dec 14 2017

    Hope and Doubt,a vet’s pet battles cancer

    Two weeks ago, I discovered lumps on my dog’s neck and knowing this was lymphoma I doubted whether D.J. would be with us for Christmas. The next day lymphoma was…

  • Dec 04 2017

    After the first Chemo treatment

    Today is 4 days after D.J.’s first chemo treatment and he seems to be back to his old self.   During the week between his diagnosis and first treatment there…

  • Nov 29 2017

    A Vet’s Pet Gets Sick – After the initial diagnosis

      This is what happens when you diagnose a pet with lymphoma:   The very next day he seems to be lagging behind on his walk. The very next day…

  • Nov 28 2017

    A Vet’s Pet Gets Sick

    Last Thursday was my day off. The plan was to tackle a long around-the-house to-do list. I started the day as usual; feed the pets, run, feed horses, clean stalls,…