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Pet Wellness Visits, What to expect.

We want to know all about your pet

The first part of any wellness exam is a discussion with a technician or veterinarian. We ask you to tell us about your pet and any health concerns you may have. We then ask some questions. Our list is a bit long so be prepared but our questions have a purpose. They may help you remember things you wanted to discuss with us. They may help you realize that some behaviours you have accepted as normal are actually health concerns. And they help us determine the risk of your pet contracting infectious diseases and parasites which then helps us determine the best prevention program for your pet.

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The physical exam

After the discussion, we will examine your pet from nose to tail. This is one of the times we become your pet’s voice. Health concerns such as ear infections, dental disease, heart murmurs, gradual weight gain, and lumps are some health changes that are not easy for a pet parent to detect.

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Tests and treatments will be recommended for any health concerns

With all the information collected from our discussion and the exam we will then make recommendations for diagnostic tests such as blood tests, urinalysis, xrays, ultrasounds that may be needed to determine the extent or cause of the health concern. If tests are not needed we will offer treatments to optimize your pet’s health.

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Optimizing your pet’s health

We will then formulate a plan to maintain and optimize your pet’s health. This may include vaccines, parasite treatments and prevention, improved nutrition, and supplements.

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